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Craft House combines the global expertise and insights of consultants from the hospitality industry with deep experience in the creation of exclusive hotels, private member’s clubs, restaurants and destinations. This unique collaboration of category talent allows us to partner with clients to co-create successful businesses in one holistic process that streamlines and integrates creative, development and operating strategies and execution.


Brand Strategies

We strongly believe a hotel or destination’s brand is as important as its personnel or infrastructure. We help clients define brand values and brand architecture using an alignment process as the foundation for companies as they evolve.

Concept Development

No two projects share the same location, competition, opportunities or challenges. We help refine concept and positioning strategies that are relevant, operationally viable and financially feasible.

Financial Strategies

Nothing is more important than the long term viability of a project. For new projects we assess financial feasibility, while for existing projects we seek to understand and implement the revenue generating and cost saving opportunities that exist. 

Creative Services

Our creative consultants develop the image of hospitality ventures to create a unique look and feel in brand identity and collateral. We also work with architects and designers to ensure projects don’t just look great, but work well operationally.

Operating Strategies

Service standards are becoming more prevalent to today’s discerning guests. We customize operating strategies that include everything from customer journey refinement and operating procedures to internal service audits.

Training & Recruitment

Investing in HR is as important as investing in design or technology. We develop strategies that yield better customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, revenue potential and more. For select projects we assist with executive search.

Asset Management

Opportunities are always available to help existing properties operate more efficiently and, often times, perform more profitably. We combine various strategies unique to each client’s business needs to achieve these goals.


Executive and team coaching helps clients maximize capabilities of high-potential performers. Through coaching, team members experience stronger collaboration and aligned goals leading to greater corporate and financial success.

CSR Strategies

Sustainability is an essential part of today’s business practices. Our understanding of social responsibility and environmental stewardship allow us to develop strategies with positive impacts to the environment, communities and business needs.


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News & Opinions

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